Are you over 70 years with Physiotherapy needs? 

Through these challenging times Body Forte’ has remained committed to supporting our patients and Pilates clients while also following the Governments of Jamaica’s guidelines to fight the COVID 19 pandemic.

We understand that EVERYBODY, including people who are over the age of 70 have Physiotherapy needs. We have put the following protocol in place for our very special population that is more than 70 years young who require Physical Therapy during this time. Our goal is to keep you safe and healthy while supporting the Government guidelines.

physiotherapy needs

To come into Body Forte’ for Physical Therapy each patient requires a valid 2020 physician’s referral for Physical Therapy – this deems the service as essential during this time and will also allow you to use your health insurance. We have been able to facilitate the referral process, especially for those patients who are losing function and quality of life due to missing out on their Physical Therapy which places them at higher risks for developing additional musculoskeletal impairments and increased fall risk.

Home Health Physiotherapy needs

We have made special arrangements for Home Health Physical Therapy which means our Physical Therapists can come to you in the safety of your home. You will not be able to use your health insurance card, but we will be happy to prepare an insurance claim form for you to get reimbursed if you have a valid referral.

Have Pilates needs?

What if you want to do Pilates? We know many of you are feeling loss of strength and balance and increased pain and stiffness because you are missing working on the Pilates apparatus. Remember, at Body Forte’ we use Pilates Based Therapeutic Exercises combined with Manual Physical Therapy in our approach. This means you will STILL get to use the Pilates apparatus during Physical Therapy, just in a safer ONE on ONE environment versus a group setting. You will still require a valid 2020 physicians’ referral.

Last but not least we are here to support you VIRTUALLY as well. We have ONLINE Physical Therapy Movement sessions as well as ONLINE Private Pilates sessions. Again, if you have a valid 2020 referral, we would be happy to prepare an insurance claim form for ONLINE Physical Therapy sessions.

Each time we see a patient both the patient and our team member complete a COVID 19 declaration form.