Client Testimonials

Still wondering why you should make Body Forte your Physiotherapy and Pilates studio of choice? Well, we provide world class health services that cater towards your complete recovery as best as possible. But don’t just take our word for it, read below for what our clients had to say…

body forte review physiotherapy

“Body Forte provides a fantastic physiotherapy experience. The staff is friendly, professional and attentive and the design of the space is very appealing. Summer and her team are very knowledgeable and service oriented. What I really love is the focus on root cause and client education. Thanks to Summer, I not only feel and move better but I also understand my problem and therefore have greater control. Thanks Body Forte!” – Ely Hew

Physiotherapy testimony of Body Forte

“Body Forte is wonderful – very organized, highly skilled professionals, the nicest people. Really good Pilates and intense one-on-one hands on physiotherapy. I love these people, not to mention that they saved me from my own back!” – Monica Ladd

“I have been going for several weeks and there has been significant decreases in both neck pain and, most importantly, migraines. Raejean is a great physiotherapist with a healthy sense of humor and a natural ability to put patients at their ease. Highly recommended!” – Nick Abbott

“I have two injuries, a bulged disc in my neck and tendinitis in my hip. I go to body forte for both physical therapy and Pilates classes. The combination has helped me tremendously. The staff are patient, understanding and always very friendly. Thanks body forte!” – Melissa McIntosh

“Three years ago I broke my ankle and attended Body Forte for physiotherapy. Meeting Summer Lopez was amazing, her empathy combined with her no nonsense approach to my Physio , had me dancing again in 15 months. My Orthopardic Surgeon had predicted 18 . Pilates combined with Physio made me stronger, leaner and taller. I then got busy at work. And neglected my Pilates classes. I missed them. Being useless at yoga, Pilates was the answer to my needs. Recently diagnosed as Pre diabetics,as well as having sprained my wrist in a fall, I quickly returned to Body Forte. Summer immediately designed a program for me including a schedule of pool exercises, Physio for my wrist and body, Pilates and recommendation to a nutritionist to help me create the right diet. Body Forte has been amazing in helping save me from myself. Thanks to Summer and her warm and thorough team.” – Maxine Walters

“Excellent service. I feel like it’s a second home. The physiotherapists are highly trained and compassionate. Always willing to work towards your comfort level to get you feeling better. I love the holistic approach. I also love Pilates. Their Pilates instructors are well trained, extremely pleasant and again are always willing to modify things to your level and challenge you when you need to be!” – Kimberly Woolery

physiotherapy testimonial at body forte

“I had a frozen shoulder condition which rendered my left arm almost non functional for everyday activity, including even feeding myself (I’m left handed). My orthopaedic surgeon referred me to Body Forte after 2 months of therapy with little progress at another facility. The decision to switch was the best one I could have made because Body Forte was able to tailor a treatment program to suit my specific needs, especially post surgery on the shoulder. Their sessions are 1 on 1, with full undivided attention of the therapist. Their fusion of traditional physiotherapy and Pilates I believe made a huge difference in my recovery. I also like the fact that I was given a home exercise routine, specially developed for me. After several months of treatment, I went from barely being able to use my arm, to pain free resumption of all normal activities. Very importantly, Summer, Sheldon, Wendy, Nickeisha and the rest of the team are consummate professionals. This coupled with highly skilled therapists, a comfortable and modern facility gets Body Forte an exceptional rating from me. I’ve referred several friends and family to them,and the feedback is the same.” – Karen Burke

“Body Forte and Summer Lopez made a HUGE difference in my life. I had chronic back pain for years which is now very rarely a problem. I’m stronger, functional and much more flexible and I try never to miss my classes. The studio is pleasant and everyone there is punctual and professional.” – Diana McCaulay

“I first attended Body Forte for physiotherapy following surgery earlier this year and my therapy experience has been a journey well planned and dedicated to my specific requirements, resulting in an impressive improvement in my mobility. Body Forte is an excellent environment with qualified and dedicated therapists that have you in mind, and who work with you one on one until you attain your goals. I fully intend to continue my well-being journey by graduating to Pilates classes here. I am very happy to be part of the Body Forte family – I’d heard good things about them and I’m pleased to confirm it’s all true – highly recommended!” – Janette Langford

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“Pilates came into my life at just the right time. As you age you need constant attention to your alignment, your flexibility and your body strength. I love Pilates. And, Body Forte staff is just ‘the best’. I bless and thank you all.” – Glynne Manley