A Pain-Relieving, Hip Flexors Stretch You’ll Love

Our chal­leng­ing modern lifestyle pretty much guar­an­tees we’ll need to stretch our hip flexors if we want to relieve pain and avoid creating chronic issues in our backs and legs. Whether you run long distance, sit in a chair all day, or find yourself some­where in between those extremes, today I’m going to show you a key stretch that is going to make you feel fantastic!

pain relieving stretch for hip flexors

Symptoms of Hip Flexor Issues

The hip flexor work (creases in your hips) in concert to move your leg when walking or running and are respon­si­ble for moving your leg up toward your chest. You might imagine that your hip flexors get tight from overuse, and while that is true, your hip flexors can actually get so tight from underuse that they actually stop other muscles in your body from working.

You can tell you might have tight hip flexors if you feel discom­fort in the front of the hip that feels worse when moving the leg toward your chest, or if you have diffi­culty taking your leg behind your body and feel your low back working in order to do so.

Under­do­ing It is Just as Bad as Over­do­ing It

Chronic sitting makes the muscles in the crease of your hips, your hip flexors, short and tight. When your hip flexors get too tight, it changes your posture by pulling your body forward, or pulling the top of your hip bones forward, which increases the curve in your low back. This condition can even stop your deep glutes from acti­vat­ing when you walk!

If this happens, not only can your bottom become flat and flabby, but back pain and or discom­fort gener­ally follow.

Atten­tion, desk jockeys, you’re making your hip flexors tight by sitting for such long periods of time without a stretch and this video is defi­nitely for you!

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Article Submitted by: Wendy Haddad

pilates instructor


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