Online Pilates Class

online pilates class at bodyforte

How to book your class

You may also use one of the following alternative methods to book your class:

  1. Sign up with our Mind Body App
  2. Call us at 876-288-3953
  3. Email us at

How to prepare for class

  1. Make sure your device (phone/ tablet/ laptop) is fully charged
  2. Download the Zoom Cloud Meeting App
  3. Lay your mat in an area with great lighting and great internet connection
  4. Place your device horizontally on a surface so that your profile and your entire mat can be viewed via your camera

How to join our class

  1. Once you’ve booked the class, you can make payment online to our Bank Account
  2. Once payment is confirmed you will be given a link to join our Live Stream
  3. If you have a package, classes will be deducted from the package
  4. Prepare your Pilates area in your home at least 10 minutes before class time
  5. Click the link to JOIN US!