From: Mariame Robinson


I was so happy to find a Pilates machine studio in Kingston! I was just over 10 months post partum and had been rather fit throughout my pregnancy doing yoga right up until my son’s birth.

Although I had lost most of my baby weight rather quickly, my stomach was far from flat (I apparently had the “mummy tummy” bulge) due to the abdominal separation I had experienced before and during delivery.

The best cure: lots of core exercises; however I found most of these exercises to be a bit boring after awhile….until I found Body Forte! After about 8 sessions at the studio, my stomach looked just about flat (ok, it will probably never be 100% flat again, I have accepted this (!) but the bulge had to go…). The studio has a warm atmosphere and the instructors are very attentive. I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to strengthen their core muscles in an exciting way (the hour-long class finishes before you realize) while always utilizing the proper form.

I found Pilates with the machine to be more effective than using the mat because the machine ensures that your form is always correct and instructors can more easily correct you. I wish I had taken pictures before and after but I was so happy to find this studio in Kingston that I had to share this story in case any post partum mom out there could find it helpful. If I have another child, I am hoping Body Forte has a prenatal program that I can attend throughout a future pregnancy.

Happy Core Building! -Mariame



From: Maxine Walters
This is what Maxine Walters has to say about Body Forte Ltd.



From: Jeanine Ewart
I absolutely love going to Pilates. The environment is friendly and professional and the instructors are so knowledgeable about what they do. There is the added benefit that instructors are sensitive to any past or current injuries their clients may have; so it’s very personalized. Pilates is deceptively challenging. I’ve found it to be very effective in building strength and increasing flexibility, which provides an important balance and support to the other cardio workouts that I do.


From: Diana McCaulay

I came to Summer Lopez and Pilates after decades  of chronic back pain due to an injury.  My doctors suggested Pilates more or less as a last resort and I was profoundly skeptical.  But it worked.  I felt much better within three months; within a year I was virtually pain free and had regained mobility I had not enjoyed since my teens.  Summer is a true professional and has an instinct for the mechanics of movement and spine alignment.  My Pilates class is the one appointment in my diary I never miss, unless I am traveling.  Pilates with Summer changed my life.


From: Diana Thornburn

I began doing Pilates at Body Forte to strengthen my core and improve my overall flexibility, in part to address my chronic shoulder pain. That was over two years ago; today my twice-a-week practice has brought me results far beyond my initial expectations. I have done virtually every type of exercise for over 25 years–running, weights, yoga, swimming and more–and Pilates has yielded me the most dramatic changes in how I look and feel about my body. Summer is a world-class instructor, and every class is different, challenging and interesting. I consider my Pilates practice one of the best investments of time and money that I could ever make in my overall strength, balance and flexibility as I move into middle age.

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